Once Upon a Sock – December 2018

It’s Once Upon a Sock time, where a passel of bloggers gather together on the first Thursday of the month to talk about socks (big or small, in progress or completed!) via the medium of a linkup hosted by the lovely Paula.

You should join us!

We’ve moved into our house, which is very exciting, although it is still home to box mountain (albeit one where the mountain is now a series of small hills, scattered in different rooms) and my yarn boxes have not yet fully reappeared. (eek!)

But, luckily, I had some socks to wrangle in preparation for this eventuality! Below are my completed (and unmissable, even in the boxes) uneek toe up socks. They’re definitely eye catching and I’m quite glad I went for a vanilla sock as I think any patterning would have been overwhelmed by the colours and colour changes.

I’ve still got enough leftover that I could knit some contrast trainer socks similar to my recent rose city rollers or some Bubble and Squeak mittens which is also tempting. I think the colour variation would work quite well with those.

With those off the needles just before the move, I made sure I had the next pair ready to go and cast on for Katherine’s Parkamoor socks for a bit of light cabling. They’re trundling along nicely after a bit of post-move brainfarting, where I settled down after the movers had gone and promptly forgot that you don’t decrease on every row of a gusset! Tiiiiiny gusset and some ripping back later and we were back on track! I’m currently rapidly approaching the toe on sock number one.

I’m using Regina’s Pairfect in Anthracite, which is a ombre-y yarn, although it is very hard to capture the changes in this particular colourway in a photo, so it does look like it just goes light to dark with no intermediate colours in between!

One other move that happened recently is that I’ve moved my domain (internet home since 2000!) over to this blog. There is still some work in the back end but you can now reach the blog at intergalactic.nu instead of the wordpress url. Hooray!

Once Upon A Sock Logo

FO: Byatt Shawl

My Byatt has been completed since July but has been unsung on the blog since. Partially because it’s a tricky one to photo – the wingspan on mine is at least 2m (which made blocking fun) and also because it has been mostly living around my neck as we settle into the unsettled temperatures of Autumn in the UK.

But no longer! I have taken some photos and it is getting its FO post before it goes back round my neck in the arctic wasteland that is my office right now.

Knitted in an entire skein of lovely squishy Stranded Dyeworks Merino Nylon (formerly Oasis) as the MC (plus a smidgen of Debonnaire Shimmer Sock, kindly donated as an emergency yarn transplant by knitting friend J, as I played and lost yarn chicken/stuffed up the increases at some point) and Truly Hooked Sparkly Sock for the CC. The Stranded Dyework’s was purchased at a pop at YAK on LYS Day 2017 and the Truly Hooked was a Yarndale 2017 purchase. Both would be purchased again.

I’ve knitted a lot of Karie’s shawls and I always enjoy them – they’ve always got something that keeps me hooked into the knitting and the shaping on this one is a nice change from the usual triangle. I even didn’t mind the garter stitch.

This was also my Good Intention’s Quarter 3 project, over in the KnitBritish Ravelry group. I shall post more about my Good Intentions Projects at a later date but I do believe it will be running again, which is great news. I definitely have to knit from stash next year, what with shortly to be possessing a mortgage. *shocked face emoji*


FO: A bounty of blankets

You know how I mentioned that I had two large blanket WiPs? Well, I currently have no large blanket WiPs!

Behold! One completed Pick ‘n’ Mix blanket, by Lucy Croft, which was a year long CAL with Simply Crochet and had been sitting, half joined up in a bag for *mumblemumble*. That one is single bed sized and made up of 12 squares in two different colourways. I used Stylecraft Special Aran and really enjoyed working through the squares as they came out.

The other is the Hydrangea blanket by Lucy at Attic24 but using the Stylecraft Special DK colour pack for the Moorland blanket. This was a request from my mother and it has come out slightly smaller than double bed sized. I basically picked the colours at random but tried not to repeat any very close to the previous stripe. Also one that got fitfully worked on but the combination of not wanting to pack it up in a WiP state and seeing my mother earlier this month meant it became my At Home project.  And then once I finished that, I had to apply the same moving logic to the Pick ‘n’ Mix and suddenly they were both pretty much done.

I have also finished my Keith Moon sweater (oh the icord, the endless, endless icord) but it is still blocking at the moment. Endlessly blocking.

But now that I have finished all the big pre-packing WiPs, I have to start the packing, I guess!


Once Upon a Sock – September

It’s Once Upon A Sock time and I am bountiful with socks. 😉



First up – my pair of completed Helical Beeeees, which are going to my mother this weekend. I have (had?) a better photo so I will swap that out later but there they are, in their fraternal, black and yellow stripey-ness. I really enjoyed the helical stripes (yay, new technique), and the ease of after-thought heels, I just didn’t love the fit of that particular spiral decrease heel, so I will likely try after-thought again but with a different heel type.



As soon as I finished those, I cast on for a new pair of socks and they are, as I thought about in the last OUaS, a pair of ankle socks, using up some WYS Rum Paradise and the remains of the Truly Hooked Sparkle from my Byatt shawl (which still needs a proper completed item post!). I’m using the Rose City Rollers pattern and I’m doing the heel and toe in the Truly Hooked Sparkle. I’m already one sock down and mid-way through the heel flap on the second sock now.

My only problem so far is that I am doing eye of partridge on the heel flap and if I put it down, it takes me ages to work out what row I should be on. Oops! But it makes such a nice heel flap that I can’t resist it.

I am also reminded how much I like Rum Paradise – it’s so cheerful!

Other sock plans for the future involve Kat’s lovely Swirl socks, which I look forward to raiding my leftover yarn stash for and also experimenting with a new to me sock yarn called Uneek, which I picked up at Tribe during last weekend’s GLYC. I do like the idea of a pair of TAAT stripy socks! Thinking toe up and fish kiss heel.


Come join us on the first Thursday of the month to talk about socks. Paula at Spin a Yarn hosts the link up and it would be lovely to have you, whether you’ve got a completed sock or one that has been on the needles since the 20th century. 😉





Helical beeeeees and a sock FO!

So last summer, I went to Stockholm with friends and had a wonderful time. And one evening, while wandering the streets of the Old Town after dinner out, we stumbled across a Yarn shop. So of course, we immediately went back the following day and ogled their lovely yarn and I came home with two skeins of Stockholm Woolery Merino in yellow and black for some bee inspired socks. Several cast on attempts happened but never with any particular success – wasn’t happy with the stripes, wasn’t happy with the colour change and so on.

Fast forward to now and I have finally started my bee themed socks with the spur of the Year of Techniques book. They are helical stripes (which I have totally fallen for as a technique) with an afterthought heel. They’re meant to be my holiday project when I go away next week but I’m on holiday now, even if I haven’t left Brighton yet. 😉

I’ve put in the first afterthought waste yarn already, so hopefully I’ve placed it right so once I’ve done the length of the foot minus the toes x2, it will all fall into place.

Of course, if I have new socks on the needles, that must mean I have finished the last pair? One would hope so and in this case it is true! My 80s-tastic rainbow swirled Riverkats are off the needles and blocked! Whoop, whoop!

I’m really pleased with these – it might be a little too warm to wear them right now but they are made with yarn I bought while in Paris on our first wedding anniversary trip last year and are off the needles just before we go on our second wedding anniversary trip. Aside from the zig/zag issue on the first sock, the second sock went much quicker and I would definitely knit them again.

We’re going to a resort on the coast of Spain this time, so probably won’t find any yarn shops this trip but at least I’ll have one pair of socks to knit while I am there with my helical bees.

I’m also taking yarn to knit a Byatt shawl – one skein of Stranded Dyework’s Oasis I’m Spook (bought at a showcase at my local yarn store last LYS day) and one skein of Truly Hooked’s Sparkle Sock in Jade (Bought at Yarndale last year). I’ll use the Stranded Dyeworks as the Main Colour and the Sparkle for the Contrast. Quite looking forward to starting it.