Once Upon a Sock – November 2018

It’s, terrifyingly, the first of November! Aaaaahhhhhhh! But that does mean that it is Once Upon a Sock time. Hooray!

If you blog about socks (knitted or crocheted, completed or WiP), you should come join our link up, which is hosted by Paula over at Spin a Yarn – we’d be very glad to have you.

I am still mid-packing for our house move. We got the keys last week (which I still can’t believe, tbh) and we’ll be fully moved in by mid-November but despite all that, I am making steady progress on the current socks. They’re toe up, Two at a Time in Uneek Sock Yarn, which is designed to create close to identical socks. I’ve done the heels on mine (fish lip kiss) and they are pretty consistent – one is probably 3/4 of a row ahead of the other and I suspect that is gauge related and you can only really tell if you’re looking really closely/actively knitting it.

The yarn is a bit splitty and I am using very sharp needles, so that is more of an issue for me but, they are cheery and the simple round and round knitting is a lifesaver for turning my brain off in the evenings.


I am thinking that the next pair might be Katharine of Fibre and Sustenance’s Parkamoor socks. I haven’t decided which yarn yet but I best make that decision asap before the yarn boxes are out of my reach!


9 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock – November 2018

  1. I feel your pain, Meg! That was me earlier for the first few months of this year since we bought a new house in March 🙂 Can you believe we moved in at the end of March and I just got all my yarn unpacked yesterday? No wonder I’ve been so uninspired this year! Looking at all the gorgeousness has really got my juices running. It’s so awesome having a mindless project for when you need some down time and I know that packing and unpacking is exhausting. Congrats to you on your new home!


    1. It’s maddening, isn’t it? I’m going to try put the yarn boxes somewhere reachable but the spare room (which will be the craft room) is definitely going to be box city for awhile before we can get it sorted, I can tell. But it is so exciting to finally have our own space!

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  2. Congrats on the new house! Looking for one and doing all the paperwork is a job in itself. Your sock colorway has an interesting fade effect. I want to try toe up again. My first attempt was ages ago.


    1. Ugh, I know. We started the whole process with this house in July and uugghh. But the end is nigh and soon we’ll be in our own house.

      Yes, it’s quite unusual, isn’t it? I started from the middle of the ball and the example sock started from the cuff so it was a bit of a surprise!

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