Once Upon a Sock – December 2018

It’s Once Upon a Sock time, where a passel of bloggers gather together on the first Thursday of the month to talk about socks (big or small, in progress or completed!) via the medium of a linkup hosted by the lovely Paula.

You should join us!

We’ve moved into our house, which is very exciting, although it is still home to box mountain (albeit one where the mountain is now a series of small hills, scattered in different rooms) and my yarn boxes have not yet fully reappeared. (eek!)

But, luckily, I had some socks to wrangle in preparation for this eventuality! Below are my completed (and unmissable, even in the boxes) uneek toe up socks. They’re definitely eye catching and I’m quite glad I went for a vanilla sock as I think any patterning would have been overwhelmed by the colours and colour changes.

I’ve still got enough leftover that I could knit some contrast trainer socks similar to my recent rose city rollers or some Bubble and Squeak mittens which is also tempting. I think the colour variation would work quite well with those.

With those off the needles just before the move, I made sure I had the next pair ready to go and cast on for Katherine’s Parkamoor socks for a bit of light cabling. They’re trundling along nicely after a bit of post-move brainfarting, where I settled down after the movers had gone and promptly forgot that you don’t decrease on every row of a gusset! Tiiiiiny gusset and some ripping back later and we were back on track! I’m currently rapidly approaching the toe on sock number one.

I’m using Regina’s Pairfect in Anthracite, which is a ombre-y yarn, although it is very hard to capture the changes in this particular colourway in a photo, so it does look like it just goes light to dark with no intermediate colours in between!

One other move that happened recently is that I’ve moved my domain (internet home since 2000!) over to this blog. There is still some work in the back end but you can now reach the blog at intergalactic.nu instead of the wordpress url. Hooray!

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6 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock – December 2018

  1. Oh…those colorful socks are just stunning! And I love the subtle nature of the ombre socks with Katherine’s pattern. Isn’t it a lot of fun to knit? I’m loving it so far…I just want more time to knit! Congrats on the house again…I’m sure it will come together in no time…unless you are like me and take your time with everything except the kitchen 🙂


    1. They are so cheery!

      Yes, I’m really enjoying knitting Katherine’s sock! I was quite sad when the cables stopped! We’re slowly getting there; my parents are coming for Christmas, so there is a bit of a deadline for dealing with the box hills!


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