Once Upon a Sock – September

It’s Once Upon A Sock time and I am bountiful with socks. 😉



First up – my pair of completed Helical Beeeees, which are going to my mother this weekend. I have (had?) a better photo so I will swap that out later but there they are, in their fraternal, black and yellow stripey-ness. I really enjoyed the helical stripes (yay, new technique), and the ease of after-thought heels, I just didn’t love the fit of that particular spiral decrease heel, so I will likely try after-thought again but with a different heel type.



As soon as I finished those, I cast on for a new pair of socks and they are, as I thought about in the last OUaS, a pair of ankle socks, using up some WYS Rum Paradise and the remains of the Truly Hooked Sparkle from my Byatt shawl (which still needs a proper completed item post!). I’m using the Rose City Rollers pattern and I’m doing the heel and toe in the Truly Hooked Sparkle. I’m already one sock down and mid-way through the heel flap on the second sock now.

My only problem so far is that I am doing eye of partridge on the heel flap and if I put it down, it takes me ages to work out what row I should be on. Oops! But it makes such a nice heel flap that I can’t resist it.

I am also reminded how much I like Rum Paradise – it’s so cheerful!

Other sock plans for the future involve Kat’s lovely Swirl socks, which I look forward to raiding my leftover yarn stash for and also experimenting with a new to me sock yarn called Uneek, which I picked up at Tribe during last weekend’s GLYC. I do like the idea of a pair of TAAT stripy socks! Thinking toe up and fish kiss heel.


Come join us on the first Thursday of the month to talk about socks. Paula at Spin a Yarn hosts the link up and it would be lovely to have you, whether you’ve got a completed sock or one that has been on the needles since the 20th century. 😉





7 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock – September

  1. I love love love your fraternal helical socks! They are fab. And I have already admired your Rose City Rollers in person, of course. (And THANK YOU for buying the Swirls and Stripes pattern – you are ace! xx)


  2. Woo hoo! We are both working with the same yarn on shortie socks, albeit different patterns. How’d you get there so fast? LOL…I am one of the world’s slowest sock knitters 😀 I love your Helical Beeeees too…they are the Bees Knees 😀


    1. Yours were a definite inspiration last month! Same designer! I am also astounded at how quick they go but I have had a lot more commuting time to knit them this month than I normally do (normally I walk 40 minutes to work but my foot has been playing up so I have had to get the train the last couple weeks), which has helped!


    1. Jooooin usssss. 😉 They’re so fun! And it’s a really handy skill when knitting a larger project and hand-dyed yarn as you can blend the skeins together.


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