Once Upon a Sock – September 2019

I have been in a bit of a crafting slump recently – lots of ideas but not a lot of practical enthusiasm for doing any of it. I wouldn’t say that I was out of the slump now but I do have some sock related content for Once Upon a Sock‘s September edition.

First up, some actively knitted socks. I grabbed the remains of my SparkleDuck socka in Cloth Cat and some needles as a small portable project for the International Guide camp I was at for 8 days in late July/early August. It was here in Sussex so the location wasn’t international but some of our guests where – we had Guides from all over place as well as UK guides from in and out of Sussex.

I didn’t get a huge amount of time to knit – as a media team member, I was out and about taking photos most of the days – but I did get some done.

But. And there is always a but. I also realised that I had less leftover yarn than I thought so as you can see, sock number 1 has a contrast toe. Sock number 2 is underway but may have more of a…contrast foot. Oops! Still, short socks are always good for this kind of yarn shenanigans.

I will finish it shortly at any rate so I hope to go back to a stalled project, which is Kat’s Swirls and Stripes which I was happily knitting away with some rainbow yarn and a light silver until I realised that I’d done something weird with my tension and ended up with a sock that was getting increasingly narrow as I approached the heel. Erk!

I suspect I’ll end up ripping back and starting from scratch again as I don’t enjoy trying to figure out where the tension went wrong and ticking back to that. They look so good though! The photo doesn’t really give it justice – the swirls are a lot clearer in real life. (and it is a lot further on so you can see the full rainbow!)

I’m definitely hoping to get back out of my crafting slump soon, especially now that the weather is starting to shift towards more suitable for sitting on the sofa with a cat in my lap and some knitting!

4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock – September 2019

  1. Me too! However, I’m desperately trying to finish that coat that you keep seeing on IG so I blame it on that 🙂 It’s so good to see you again though! I love the colorways for both your pairs of socks and cannot wait to get back to the pair I started while in London!


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