Once Upon a Sock – June 2019

It’s Once Upon a Sock time! Hooray! Come join us on the first Thursday of the month (after a fight with the new wordpress editor, I am slinking in on the Friday.) and join us over at the link up hosted by Paula at Spin a Yarn.

I come bearing two pairs of socks this month! One pair of Rose City Rollers, knitted in some leftover West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn in Yarn Shop Day, which was a special colour way they did a couple years ago and some leftover Sheldridge Farm sock yarn for the heel and toes.

These were cast on while heading up to London for a mini OUaS meet up, with Paula, Kat and Liz. We had a lovely day which involved plenty of time in Loop, some tasty food at Wahaca and then tea later on. It was so nice to meet Liz and Paula in person, while Kat and I have known each other for more than a decade!

The other pair is the completed Hortensia socks from OUaS passim. Hooray! They are in Coopknits’ Socks Yeah! and I’m very pleased with them. I look forward to knitting other patterns from Socks Yeah! volume 1 in the future.

I am having a bit of a fight with the WordPress editor again, so the photos are a bit..plonked in at the moment. Boo.

I haven’t decided what my next pair will be. I’m almost finished with my Sweetpea crochet blanket and then I want to start my Carbeth cardigan so I shall ponder. It might be another pair of rose city rollers as short socks are very useful at this time of the year.

2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock – June 2019

  1. Look at you go girl! Congrats on finishing two pairs this month. It was funny because I originally put in my post that I was working on Jelly Rolls and had to go back and change it to Rose City Rollers. I totally forgot to mention in post that we were both working on the same pattern; although you got WAY further on yours than I did on mine 😀 I hope your issues with WordPress resolve themselves soon! Thanks again for coming to meet up with me. I had a fantastic time and adored meeting you.


    1. That is the advantage to short socks! (Plus, I only really had the toe to go on the others!). It was so lovely to meet you and I hope we get to do it again!


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