Once Upon a Sock – February 2019

It’s Once upon a Sock time! Hosted by Paula of Spin a Yarn, you would be more than welcome to join us if you knit or crochet socks and want to talk about them on the 1st Thursday of the month!

January turned out to be a bumper sock month for me. Not only did I finish my Parkamoor socks just after the new year, I also cast on and completed two different pairs! I was shook, as the kids say.

First up was a pair of Beaufort Socks, which I had bought as a kit during a knitting librarian meet up at the lovely Wild and Woolly. It was a very soothing and swift knit, helped I think by being 5ply wool on 2.5mm needles!

Also, I find that things with charts/repeats go quicker for me, partially because it is very easy to think ‘oh, I’ll just finish this repeat…’. Also because you can definitely see your progress in a way where endless stocking stitch doesn’t quite match up.

It was also a nice project for trying out some Guernsey yarn and stitches as I have considered knitting myself a Gansey at some point, which as I enjoyed it, has moved a bit further up my long term knitting thoughts.

As soon as that pair was done, I immediately cast on for my test knit for Kat.

These are a stunner, tbh and I can’t wait for everyone else to be able to knit them. They are her Afternoon Tea socks and if you like cables and interesting design features, you’ll love ’em.

I knit mine in some DyeNinja High Twist Merino from the stash, on pattern needles (2mm) .

The colourway is ‘All the little Angels’, which is a Terry Prachett themed colour, so you can bet I’ll be wearing these on the Glorious 25th of May.

Other than those socks, I am making good progress on my Quarter One Good Intentions project and my Attic24 Sweetpea blanket but as neither of them are socks, they will have to wait for another post. 😉

4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock – February 2019

  1. Aiee, I didn’t realise the colourway was Pratchett-themed. Obviously that just makes me love your ATS’s *even more*. They are so gorgeous, and your feedback was so helpful – thank you again for testing for me. Really happy that you like the end result 🙂

    And TWO pairs in one month, wow! I, er, have managed one ankle sock. Um…


    1. They rise up, feet first, little angels and so on. 😉

      I know, right? I’m shook. The commute does help (and I am not running my own business, so you know, I think you probably did more important stuff!)


    1. Thank you! I can recommend both patterns!

      They’re wire sock blockers that came free with a magazine ages ago, sadly. I have seen instructions for making your own from a wire hanger though!


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