2019 Good Intentions and Plans/2018 Review

I am not attempting any grand goals or setting many resolutions for 2019. 2018 was a bit of a hectic year, what with buying my first house and moving into it. But I do like to review and contemplate, so a brief look back at the year that was and a look forward into the year we’re edging into.

When I restarted this blog, I had quite a few WiPs skulking about. I am very pleased to say that they are all FOs now, partially helped by the house move as I was galvanised into finishing so that I wouldn’t have to pack them.

So, in 2018, I made: [* denoting where a WiP was completed]

I also completed two small embroideries and started a few more WiPs! Mostly relating to English Paper Piercing.

So, that was a whistle-stop tour of 2018.

What does 2019 hold? Certainly a fair amount of DIY (some of which may appear on the blog; I have yet to decide on that, some of which is going to be boring home-ownership related, like replacing parts of roofs and adding more insulation.) and a focus on stash usage across my crafty pursuits ( which should be easier now that all my craft crap can live in a room of its own), so I can afford such exciting things as…more insulation and a roof that isn’t likely to leak unexpectedly.

Handily, Louise from Knit British has brought the Good Intentions Club back again (Rav thread with 2019’s dates), which focuses on matching the patterns in your library with the stash you have, so I’ll be drawing on that as my main inspiration for 2019. So far, I have only picked two Good Intentions and they are for Quarter 1, Oliver’s Hat, for which I have the yarn bought specifically for it in the stash and Quarter 2 will be a Carbeth Cardigan, the yarn for which I got as birthday present.

And on the crochet side of things, I got the yarn pack for the latest Attic24 CAL, the Sweetpea blanket for Christmas, so while I am not going to be racing to keep up with the CAL, I am going to be doing a gentle CAL with my knitting workmate J over 2019.

I’m also test knitting for fellow OUaSer Kat – yarn from the stash is ready to go! – over the next few weeks as well as doing very well with my current sock WiP of the Beaufort Socks, which I bought as a kit and so had in the stash. (5-ply yarn on 2.5mm needles is whizzy!). There will continue to be sock projects that are as of yet undecided because I am not short of sock yarn in the stash.

Related to my stashbusting; I am not going on a yarn ban but I am going to try not buy skeins that I don’t need. I have a couple gift vouchers that can come into play (one of them is tentatively earmarked for a project that may turn up later in the year.) but really, I have enough to be getting on with and enough other WiPs to complete that 2019 should be going along fine.

Got any grand plans for 2019?