Once Upon A Sock – May 2018


acs_0002.jpgBehold! One completed sock and one almost completed sock! My Once Upon a Sock offering this month.

I am just at the end of the gusset decreases on sock number 2 and the zigs are zigging and the zags are zagging so I am optimistic about finishing them fairly soon (I have a long train journey and some at-home holiday time in the next couple days) which means that I can start digging out the yarn and needles for my actual holiday knits!

My plan is to take two new-to-me techniques from the Year of Techniques book and turn some previous holiday yarn purchases into some helical socks with after-thought heels and contrast cuff/heel/toes. I’m hoping to have a little play with the technique before I cast on the full sock as I want to make sure the colours work together as helical stripes.

I am also going to take some sock yarn along that will be turned into my Good Intentions Quarter 3 project, which is a Byatt Shawl.

So hopefully, by the time OUAS rolls round again, I will have several sock related things to show you!

The way we’re doing Once Upon a Sock is changing slightly due to numbers, so you can find us all (and join in yourself!) at the link up hosted by Paula @ Spin A Yarn.


10 thoughts on “Once Upon A Sock – May 2018

  1. Yup, the zigs are zigging and the zags are zagging. Fun socks! With the gusset decreases done on sock two you’re almost at the finish line!

    Looking forward to seeing the new techniques for the next update 😉


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