Yarnalong May 2018

It’s May! Not that you could actually tell in my office, where Estates have been forced to switch the central heating back on! I am wearing my Diamonds Are Forever jumper and a thermal vest right now. :/

But on with the yarnalong, eh?


Currently part of the way through Tinseltown: Murder, Morphine, and Madness at the Dawn of Hollywood. Which is looking at the unsolved murder of early Hollywood Director William Desmond Taylor. It is a case I am quite familiar with but the library ebook services suggested it as the ‘your next book’ so I thought I’d have a read. Not expecting it to suddenly be solved like the Golden State Killer, though! (FWIW, the suspect there was unknown to all investigations but ‘I’ll be Gone in the Dark’ did a lot of background research and helped keep the spotlight on it.)

I also finished looking through A Year in Techniques and I hope to have something that combined two of those techniques on the needles soon!

Also, in the continued making my own cleaning projects from Fresh Clean Home, I am still using the toilet cleaner tabs and they are def. helping with the under the water line cleaning. I have also made the sink scrub, which is working well on the bathroom sink and will shortly be used to scrub the bath! Along with the grout/tile cleaner recipe. Wendy has actually just posted the recipe for her oven cleaner, which is also on the list (I have some oven cleaner to use up first).


IMG_3076I made a pair of Baker Street Wrist-warmers for my MiL, which was a very swift (aran weight, so fast!) and enjoyable knit. More details, plus an embroidery kit I also completed in the linked post. Other than that, I am still working on the current socks (see tomorrow’s Sock-a-long post) in the hopes that I’ll be done with them in time to take new projects on holiday with me in a week! I’m optimistic!

Now off to see what other Yarnalong participants have been up too!