Wrist-warmers and Embroidery


Waaaay back in 2014, I knitted my Mother in Law a pair of basic wrist-warmers as a gift.  Fast forward to early April 2018 and a plaintive request for new wrist-warmers was received. So I put my sock down, went stash and Rav library diving and took up some Blacker Classic Aran and Karie Westermann’s Baker Street, a pattern I have knitted for myself before (1.5 times – the half was to replace one of the original pair after it went AWOL – sadly, the pair has since gone AWOL as well, last seen on a train. 😦 ) and thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s a lovely pattern to knit – aside from being in aran weight, the lace is intuitive and very quick and these took me approximately a week of knitting time to complete and then a couple days to block. Of course, no sooner had I completed them, we had what will probably pass for ‘summer’ in the UK but as it has now returned to being quite chilly, they have been posted off and gratefully received and put to use.

They have definitely reminded me to put this pattern at the top of my ‘quick gift knits’ list and I have a couple more balls of Blacker Classic Aran in the stash that may well become future gifted Baker Streets in the future. They took a ball and half for the pair, so at least one more pink pair could be made before I need to break into the other colours in the stash but there’s enough in the stash that I could knit at least another 7 pairs.


Other than that, I have also been entertaining myself with a bit of embroidery, using a cover gift that came with an old issue of Mollie Makes I’d picked up and wanting to do something a bit different while watching a film.

Not having to do any pattern transfer prep definitely sped things up and the pattern itself only required satin stitch, french knots (I was very pleased with my french knots!) and a tiny bit of chain stitch. It was also a ‘just one more stitch’ project so I had it completed within a couple of days.

Always nice to do a project using a skill set I don’t use very often.

I’m back to the socks now though and the second sock has been cast on! Whoooo! I am, of course, paying very careful attention to my setup zigs and zags now!

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