Once Upon a Sock – August 2018

It is OuaS time again, the Monthly link up of fellow sock makers! You should join us!

Still not an awful lot of knitting happening at the moment but I have finished one Helical Bee sock. I am…not loving this particular heel on me and the foot is a tiny bit too short, which is a pity. However, I have just been back up in Yorkshire and it fits my mother, who loves handknit socks, to a tee so I shall be donating them to her once I’ve knitted the second one. Which I plan to cast on for shortly, in the hopes that it will be slightly less hot and sticky soon.

I am still loving the helical stripes though, so they will definitely make a reappearance in future socks for sure!

I am very tempted to try see if I can squeeze a pair of ankle socks out of some leftover WYS’s Rum Paradise as inspired by Paula‘s post for this month as my next pair of socks!

I might wear the full size pair I do have to Brighton Pride on Saturday (I’m in the parade, walking with Girl Guiding UK in my guise as a Guide Leader.) but I may make the final decision on the day as the weather is meant to be 27 degrees C, which might be a bit much for wool socks and a very long walk!

8 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock – August 2018

  1. What heel do you find works best on you? I think one that has a heel flap and gusset works well for me. I also love the modified eye of partridge heel used in the Everyday Hermione’s socks. I have wide feet and a huge heel so I need room to get a sock on my foot.


    1. Fish lips and eye of the partridge are both good for me – I do prefer a flap! I hadn’t tried a after-thought heel before and maybe there is a better one to try but this one is definitely not it for me.

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      1. I have the Fish Lips Heel pattern; however haven’t had the chance to try it as of yet. I’ll have to do a vanilla pair of socks and try that soon. The after thought heel fits but it’s a little tight for me…I need the extra room that a heel flap gives me 🙂 I’ve only knit one once (well twice if you count both socks) for Susan B Anderson’s pattern, Smooth Operator. It was fun to do…just didn’t fit as well as it could have with a heel flap.


    1. I only knit socks for me and my mom, tbh! I have knitted for my dad (and do owe him another pair of socks) but he has size 11 (UK) feet!

      Also, I’d rather not rip back. I hate frogging socks.


  2. I love that helical spiral pattern; such a shame that I prefer to knit my socks toe-up, so haven’t bought the pattern. Isn’t it brilliant that somebody’s feet will always fit the socks you’ve knit!
    Didn’t realise there was another Guide leader in the Once Upon a Sock crew. Is Brighton in LaSER or South West?


    1. I reckon you could helical toe up – it’s just a matter of stopping/starting at the right point in the spiral! These ones are a mix of techniques from the Year of Techniques book.

      We are legion. 😉 Brighton’s in LaSER, my sub-division is Brighton West. Are you a fellow LaSER guider?


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