Yarn Along – July 2018

It is Yarnalong time!  From sweltering (who knew?) Brighton, where, I must admit knitting has been limited as I am trying not to cast on any new projects and all my other projects are either not for public consumption yet or too bloody hot to sit under/near in this heat.

IMG_3210Knitting wise, I have completed my Byatt shawl, with the kind help of my work knitting friend and a little bit of a shawl-to-shawl transplant, after I lost my game of Yarn Chicken with three and half rows/6 increases to go. Luckily, J was knitting a shawl in a very similar grey and let me steal a bit from the other end of the ball to finish the MC/CC slip-stitch section off successfully. It is blocking at the moment and then I hope to briefly take photos before I have to fling it off me again.


I have started one WiP though, for all my bluster above, which is a Silene Shawl in some seriously ancient Stash Yarn (this being from the Des Res in West Kensington era of the Stash Archaeology so, ooooh, late 2000s. )  in the hopes that I will have a completed shawl in time for my brother’s wedding at the end of July. It’s um, possible but we shall see. It’s always good to have a goal, right?


Bookwise, I’ve been rereading the Anne of Green Gables series and I am making a concentrated effort to finish  Ron Chernow’s Hamilton biography. It’s not that it’s not really interesting; it’s just very dense and I have reached the Reynolds’ Pamphlet part, which if you are into Hamilton, is where I spend a lot of time clutching at my face and yelping “Yooooou fooooool, Alexander!’



4 thoughts on “Yarn Along – July 2018

  1. Hi Meg! Oh, it’s hot here, too. One of my UK friends goes to Brighton when she has a day off and she sent me some of that Brighton Rock which I ate and cracked a tooth resulting in a repaired crown! Ha! It’s was worth it, though!
    Don’t you love reading Anne? I read them all a few summers ago. Doesn’t everyone want to go to PEI now? YES!
    Your shawl is very pretty! Maybe some Jane Austen mitts would be a cooler knit. I’m going to cast some on for my personal Jane Austen festival which I treat myself to in August. Knit on!


    1. Hi! I do love the Anne books (although, I will admit, I do tend to skip Ingleside and Rainbow valley and join back in with Rilla!). I’d love to go to PEI – I’ve only been to Canada once and that was Vancouver but I was very excited to be flying over PEI.

      Enjoy your mitts and festival – have you read Lucy Worsley’s Jane Austen book? I quite enjoyed it.


  2. It has been very hot here too, but I am lucky to have AC. Good luck with that shawl. I hope you finish it in time for the wedding.


    1. Thank you, Cathie! Enjoy your air-con! (The UK is so rarely this hot that A/C isn’t common but it sure is nice when it exists!)


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