Best Foot Forward

*blows dust off internet, vanishes behind massive cloud, wild coughing ensues*

Many moons ago, I had a regular craft blog. And then life happened and it slipped away but I want back on that craft blogging horse so here we are.

Shall we start, not so much at the beginning but with a round up of Things That Are In Progress, eh?


First up, a sock! On my 18 for 2018 list, I have a goal to knit at least six pairs of socks this year; a) because I like wearing them and b) because I have waaaaay too much sock yarn in the stash. I’m actually one pair in already as I located and then finished a pair of socks I started and misplaced in 2017. #cheating? But these are the first pair started in 2018 and they are a pair of Rivercat Socks in some beautiful rainbow sprinkled Merino twist from La Bien Aimee in the colourway Wee Happy Feet.  It’s a very pleasing and easy to memorise pattern and I have just finished the gusset decreases at the moment.

Normally I would knit these two at a time but I was hedging my bets on sizing and so only cast on one to start, which was good as I hedged too far and had to rip back. #sheepish

In larger scale projects, I have a Keith Moon on the needles, in Cream, Dark Brown and Red, which is actually a Knit British Good Intentions Club project – I have avoided an extended stay on Sleeve Island by doing them TAAT and first (partially so I could practice the double hem on a smaller circumference) so I have finished the shaping now and look forward to going round and round and round towards the end. 😀

In the crochet corner, I am still working on an Attic24 Hydrangea blanket for my mother. I’m using, as her request, the Moorland blanket colour pack and I have a but for the joining/edging half completed Pick ‘n’ Mix blanket from Lucy Croft’s CAL for Simply Crochet last year. I really must pick up and finish the joining/edging on the remaining twelve squares!!

So that is where I am currently and I am hoping that getting back on the craft blogging will help spur me along, especially for the larger scale projects *cough* blankets *cough*.



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