Once Upon a Sock – April 2019

It is Once Upon a Sock time, where crafters get together and talk about socks we’ve made or are making. It’s kindly hosted by Paula at Spin a Yarn, so pop over there to join the link up! ETA: Paula does have a question about the continuation of OUaS so definitely pop over and have a think about that!

I actually have some sock related content this month. How exciting! Behold, one completed sock! It is a Hortensia in Socks Yeah! using Chart A. I have cast on for sock 2 and had started it off with Chart B as per pattern (they’re fraternal socks, I guess?) but I think I am actually going to rip that back and just do Chart A again but with the flipped colours as Chart B is doing my head in and I really like the vine-y look of Chart A.

I also oopsied and didn’t change colour for the toe so I’ll be repeating that Deliberate Design Choice (do it once and it is a Mistake, do it twice and it is a Design Choice, eh?) on the second sock.

I do have to admit that after (and well, tbh, still in) a bit of a snit with sock knitting (something about small yarn on small needles isn’t working for me right now), I have cast on for a cowl (using the No More January Blues! cowl pattern – originally a MKAL I didn’t manage to do at the time – with the yarn I picked up as part of the Blacker Yarn’s EYF related Lucky Dip), which is currently occupying my commute knitting time but as I have completed the cast on and made a decision about the chart choice for the second sock, I do feel much happier about my likelihood of completing this pair soon.

4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock – April 2019

  1. Girl! I feel you on the sock yarn and needles right now…I don’t know what is wrong with my brain because I normally love knitting socks 🙂 And I’ve got soooooooooo much sock yarn too. Here’s to hoping both our brains get on board!

    Your sock is absolutely gorgeous and I love that you’ve made a design choice 🙂 The colors are so beautiful together. I think I have some Socks Yeah! either in my stash or I’ve made something with it. Yep, I wanted to double check on Ravelry. I have 100 grams in the colorway 102 Ammolite. Not something I would have picked myself (I got it in a YarnBox subscription) but nevertheless very pretty.


    1. I know! Like, my brain is happy to look at sock patterns on Rav but as soon as I pick up the needles, it just goes ‘Nope!’. Which is annoying! Hopefully it comes back soon as my next non-sock project is not ideal for the commute.

      Ammolite is a beautiful colour and the yarn itself is lovely to work with. Hopefully we both get back on the sock making soon.


  2. Gorgeous sock! I did the same thing, but I did two Chart B Hortensias 🙂

    Totally know the feeling about losing the urge for a particular type of knitting/knitting in general. I’m sneaking back in (with, er, another sock as it goes) but have definitely been in a little knitting slump for a while. It could be time to try something totally different – perhaps a wrap or a cardigan. Hmm.


    1. I thought someone I knew had done something similar with the Hortensias!

      it’s hard, isn’t it? My next project is a Carbeth Cardigan but that’s not really going to be a commute project for very long so I need something else for that. Maybe I’ll do some granny squares and then try socks again.


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