Once Upon a Sock – October

Sneaking in slightly belatedly with Once Upon a Sock because the first Thursday snuck up and then past me. Such are the joys of being two weeks into the new Academic Year I guess.

You should join us though, there is a link round up  that is hosted by Paula at Spin a Yarn  and we are always happy to see new people!

I have completed socks! So this is a FO post for the Rose City Rollers I was working on last month. They sped off the needles ( helped by being a trainer sock!) and I would definitely recommend the pattern to anyone who was thinking about trying socks for the first time because you get to reach all the new to you bits in a sock (heel/gusset/toe) very quickly, without too much distraction. Plus, it’s got good photos and instructions.

I did a Eye of Partridge Heel Flap and a slip-stitch toe – originally I started with a eye of Partridge stitch on the toe but got myself confused so went back to doing a normal slip-stitch toe (Winwick Mum has a good tutorial for that)

They are so cheerful – I love the WYS Rum Paradise and the Truly Hooked Sparkle fitted in nicely. It was good to have a use for some leftover yarn and I still have enough to put in the repair bag for any future darns. Although I am hoping that the slip-stitch toe will help delay the damage my pokey toes can do.


I have also started a new pair of socks, using the Uneek Sock Yarn I picked up from Tribe Yarns on the Yarn Crawl. They’re just non-pattern toe up socks, probably with a fish kiss heel and I’m doing them two at a time. It seemed the best idea for something that I can only work on in snatches at the moment as we have exchanged on our house (aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!) so must pack, pack and pack some more, so having these simple socks on the needles is great for when I collapse on the five inches of sofa I can reach (The problem with packing up a tiny flat is that there is not a lot of floor space for the boxes.).


They’re a bit further on than the above and so far, as promised, the stripes are indeed matching up!


4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock – October

  1. Nicely done…I made a pair of these for a friend, but not for me…just commented on another blog that I’ve been looking to get some WYS sock yarn….and I have some Uneek too! Haven’t cast those on yet…can’t wait it see yours…


    1. Thank you! WYS is definitely a great workhorse sock yarn so I hope you’re able to get some soon!

      I’m enjoying the uneek yarn, they’re definitely getting very bright now.


  2. Sweet! Congrats on getting your socks finished. They look fantabulous!!!! This yarn is one that makes me smile every time I see it. Congratulations on your move too…at least I hope it’s a happy move 🙂 I think all I had room for in my brain whilst moving earlier this year was stockinette. Rounds and rounds of it on a hat. So kudos for picking a sock to work on.


    1. 😀 I am wearing my other Rum Paradise socks today and they are so cheering.

      It will be a happy move, I think, once we get past the packing and moving part. My brain though.


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