Once upon a Sock – June 2018

Posts, much like buses again! It is Once Upon a Sock time again and you can find everyone else (and submit yourself!) at the Once Upon a Sock linkup, which is hosted once again by Paula at Spin a Yarn.

So here we are – still knitting away on my helical beeeees (Incidentally, fellow OUaSer, Kat has a brand new helical sock pattern available, if you want to take a spiralling trip!) although they are not as far as I had hoped to be, partially due to my needles being yanked out of them at Faro airport on my way home from my holiday (I was not best pleased, especially as Gatwick had been fine with me flying out with them) and thrown away. I managed to fix them on stitch holders when I got home and then had to replace my needles as I can only assume all my 2.25mm needles have gone into hiding as a result.

But, I have started the heel, as you can see there because I wanted to make sure I knit the foot long enough on the first one. Very exciting! Because I am using the active yarn, I am knitting the heel from the other end of the ball, so they are a little tricky to take out and about at the moment but I plan to concentrate on them as my at-home project until the heel is done and then I’ll know what measurements I need for no. 2 and they can come back out as my out and about project.

Now to go visit my fellow OUaSers!

7 thoughts on “Once upon a Sock – June 2018

    1. The one I’m going with at the moment is a spiral decrease, so I shall be interested to see how that actually pans out. If I do after-thought again, I am tempted to see how to make the fish lips kiss heel work.


  1. Oh my goodness! These are adorable!!! I’m trying to decide if I should knit Kat’s helical socks next (yes, I bought the pattern!) or if I want to do something fabulous with some of my swap sock yarn. Yours are look fabulous. I would have been so furious if my needles were ripped from my project. I’m so glad you were able to save them and get them back on track. I hope you had something else to while away your time.


    1. I am really enjoying the helical knitting – it’s so cool watching it go round and round and round, so I would be on team helical socks! Could you combine the two?

      I was *pissed* but you can’t get into it with security at airports. At least I was on my way home. I rageplayed a mobile game for a bit instead.

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      1. Hrm…definitely something to think about. I went through a few patterns yesterday; however I’m not finding anything that floats my boat as of yet with the yarn I want to use. Maybe I should find a pattern and then pick out the yarn instead. I really, really want to use my swap yarn though. It’s all caked up and ready and I’m dying to see the sparkles come to life 🙂

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