Once Upon a Sock: April 2018

Suddenly posts on this blog are like buses; you wait ages for one and then two turn up. Or something. But I am joining the lovely ladies of the Once Upon A Sock sockalong/monthly blog post so will be endeavouring to post about socks on the first Thursday of the month.


So, said sock! It’s still the first, solo Rivercat in La Bien Amiee’s Merino Twist. And it was once much further along than it is now until I looked down while at the hairdressers (I currently have blue-green under-layers, so a trip to the hairdressers is ideal for knitting time!) and realised that I had zigged when I should have zagged three repeats back and was continuing to zig instead of zag as a result. *sobs*. And I’d somehow picked up an extra stitch.

It was the kind of mistake that a non-knitter would probably have never noticed but would have driven me into second sock syndrome if I’d carried on. So I a) sulked for a wee bit and then b) ripped it back. And that meant all the way back. To the heel flap. *sobs some more*

But I am much happier having done that – the heel pick up stitches are neater, the pattern is back in the right place and I am almost back to where I was so I hope to be at the very least onto the second sock come May’s post. And then I can think about my next sock project, in which I hope to combine two new to me techniques and do a helical sock with an after-thought heel. Dare I attempt this TAAT?  Maybe at least have them on concurrent needles. We shall see, present socks must be completed first!


So, Once Upon a Sock Ladies: (links to be updated once they post)

Can’t wait to see what they’ve all been up to!




24 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock: April 2018

    1. Yup – the longer I knit, the less I can live with mistakes! I’m thinking I might get these down to the toe and then cast on the second sock, ready to go so I don’t SSS myself!

      Excellent! I’m starting to think we might need a linkup – there’s so many of us!

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          1. I do, and you might well be right. I have to admit it is quite nice seeing all the links coming in today though, and people commenting 🙂 Maybe if we go above 20/25 people, we will probably have to find am alternative solution! I’ll talk to Katherine, Paula and Stef – I was thinking we could take it in turns to run the link-up, if it gets huge.


  1. Hi Meg; thanks for joining us. Pls add Lynn of Minding My Own Stitches to your group list; thank you.
    I love those rainbow bits that come up in your yarn. That’s so neat how they figured out how to dye it like that. Clever!


    1. Hi Meg; may I have your email so our sock group has it in case we need to contact one another about the meme? Pls at your convenience, email me at [email removed]. Thank you.


    2. All caught up now – I think! Hooray for more sock posts!

      It’s so cheery, isn’t it? As soon as I saw it in the shop, I made grabby hands at it.


  2. Hi Meg! I’m joining up this month too, thanks to an invite from Stefanie. I get the chills just thinking about looking down to discover a Zig instead of a Zag. I did something similar a while back when I cabled left instead of right. Ack!

    You’re right to rip back though, as you’d never be happy with them if you carried on.

    I’m just working up the nerve now to restart some socks that I had to frog in March of last year after dropping a stitch in a complicated chart. Ack!

    Those little flashes of rainbows in the yarn are super fun!


    1. Noooo, a dropped stitch in a complicated chart. Nightmare! I hope you do restart them, we have to triumph over these pesky dropped stitches/zigs instead of zags!


    1. The african violet belongs to my office; my officemate is very good with potplants, which makes for nice photo opportunities! 🙂

      Oh, excellent – I’ll let the others know.


  3. I love that sock pattern! Sadly– I am only a toe-up girl and don’t have the guts to try cuff-down yet. I am sorry for your mistake but it sounds like as hard as it was, you did the thing that would make you the happiest in the long run. I can’t wait to see them all finished!


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