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I'm in my late-twenties, used to be London based but now live in Brighton and I'm a honking great nerd. I used to be a programmer and a web dev and the Benevolent Dictator of a University IT Lab but now I'm a librarian. I spent a couple years in the commercial sector, specifically law and when I wasn't herding cats lawyers cats, I was an active member of the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians' Web Board where among other things, I wrote policy (for my sins) and acted as a liaison to other committees/groups. We launched our major project, which was a complete overhaul of the website shortly before I left the sector. We dragged it, kicking and screaming, into the Century of the Anchovy.

I was a systems librarian at The King's Fund, dealing with the technical side of the library, write and maintaining various databases, front-ends and other such beasts and generally geeking out a lot. While I was there, we migrated 30 odd years worth of data from Unicorn to the Open Source Library Management System Koha, which was pretty awesome. I then went back to the corporate sector for a bit, working on Knowledge Management and Intranet/Communities of Practice at Arup, also awesome. I'm now back in Systems at The University of Brighton, where we look after a Capita Alto & Prism install for six campuses. It keeps me occupied!

You can also find me on the SLA Europe Digital Communication Team and CILIP in London's committee. I wrangle social media and other such things and occasionally speak about it.

My arm is famous on the internet - I have a Neil Gaiman related tattoo that turns up everywhere, including Neil's twitter. It makes me laugh a lot because, hey, what else do you do when your arm is famous on the internet?

I'm fairly vocal about the use of IT, Open Source Software and Social Media in libraries/library related areas and I've been blogging on and off for the last ten or so years. I hold a BSc. degree in Web Content Management as well as a Msc. in Library and Information Science. My Bachelors dissertation was on how an online subculture (i.e. Fandom) used the Internet as an archiving tool (to be online again shortly) and my Masters thesis is on how the same community used social bookmarking/folksonomies as an OPAC/catagorisation system. You can find more on that under projects as well.

This Site

I've had this domain for over of ten years. It's been various things but almost always my general base on the internets. Views expressed here are mine and not those of my employers.

Right now, it's powered by old skool methods with hand written code (NoteTab and Topstyle) and ye good old fashioned ftp, which is actually how it pretty much started out. It's been powered by Blogger, Greymatter, Wordpress and a brief flirtation with a homebrew PHP content management system, which actually worked quite well until I resoundingly FUBAR'd the code. Heh. Shiny, new fangled techie bits are mostly powered by Flickr, and Tumblr.

I design for browsers that actually render, so Firefox or Chrome. It will degrade nicely if you must use IE.

I am mostly powered by tea. And gin.

Photographs are taken with a Canon Ixus 75 and futzed with in Photoshop or, if I'm particularly lazy, Pisca, although I do also use an LC-A but have a backlog of film to get developed. They're all creative commons licensed but check the individual images because some are under a stricter license than the rest.

Feel free to say hello!

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