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Hello! Welcome to my online junkroom, home to the stuff I do out there on the Internet. I'm Meg Jones, a twenty-something, London based nerd/crafter/librarian and I've been wrangling stuff here at Intergalactic for over ten years.

You might have met me at a conference or other such event or you've wandered in from somewhere else. I might even be your librarian or have been in the past! Either way, you can find more about me here or, just drop me an email.

You can also see the things I've made, written or done in the past or what I'm up to at the moment, which mostly all conviently located in the links below:

You can find me blogging over at Spacecrafty where I talk about crafty stuff that I'm working on or have made (and occasionally the other half of the blog remembers to post things there too!) or you can find me talking about library related shenanigans at Oracle: Librarian of Prey.

I take a lot of photos and stick them up on Flickr. It keeps me occupied and I'm working on expanding my range with my point and shoot before I splash out on a dSLR.

And for 140 character long ruminations, you can find me as @halcyonday on Twitter. It's mostly used for non-work related shenanigans but sometimes that escapes in there.

My music tastes are wide and varied and for the last couple years, I've been recording them over at I listen to music constantly and mostly on shuffle, so the charts can be a little odd.

The miniblog to the right is my Tumblr, which is where I stick links, images (my own and others) and anything else that interests me. Occasionally, there's even actual blog posts in there but don't hold your breath for those!



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